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Automolding Equipment

Responding to the real-time needs of the marketplace.

We are able to meet dual marketplace requirements: (1) overall mass production efficiency and (2) small-lot, multi-variety flexible manufacturing.
photo:Auto mold chaseIn years to come, therefore, semiconductor assembly lines will be increasingly required to satisfy requirements from both of these opposing tendencies, thus actualizing high levels of overall throughput over the entire line. It is with this in mind that APIC YAMADA offers the G-LINE series and other automolding systems that are a direct result of the company's in-depth pursuit of general-purpose use, high-speed operational performance and high efficiency.
map:Apic Yamada MOLDING SYSTEM
Promoting timely product development as the leading manufacturer of molding systems.
photo:Mold Die PartsOur FAME® technology represents our originality and technological sophistication of APIC YAMADA as the pioneer of automolding. Based on the use of a special film, FAME® has provided a breakthrough for enhanced reliability of semiconductor production by drastically minimizing flushes and die wear.
Energy-saving, waste-minimizing and space-saving considerations are increasingly in demand for production equipment and facilities. We were quick to address these issues and have incorporated the results of such efforts in each one of the systems we produce. Compact in size, clean and energy-saving, APIC YAMADA's automolding equipment enjoys an acclaim from every user.

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