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Company Profile

President's Message

"With customer satisfaction is our future"
APIC YAMADA considers that the satisfaction of our customers creates the future of our company, will continue to grow together.

photo:Hirohito Oshimori, President   APIC YAMADA has striven to live up to our management philosophy “Pursuing the Apex of manufacturing technology while contributing to society" with technologies that are friendly to both the earth and human beings.
  We have been pursuing technologies that support development of the back-end processes of semi-conductor production such as own mold design and manufacturing technology that has established as a pioneer of the semiconductor molding technology in Japan, our product lines in this respect encompass, among others, semiconductor packaging (molding) equipment and mold dies, trimming/forming equipment and tools, singulation dicers and test handlers- all of which have evolved from our proprietary mold tool design and manufacturing technologies. In addition to this primary capability, we have also taken up a technical challenge to develop environment-friendly products and services by the fusion of these in-house technologies, taking into account the environmental impact and also toward the non-semiconductor industries.

  In the semiconductor field on a daily basis continue to change, and also Industry in the following areas of semiconductor, the diversified needs high performance, globalization, mass production and efficiency are endless.
  In order to respond quickly and timely to customer's needs, we will make the most of the management resources of APIC YAMADA group of domestic and foreign ,and continue to provide a solution to the "manufacturing" in a novel idea that is agnostic to the framework and the traditional area.

  APIC YAMADA considers that the satisfaction of our customers create the future of our company, with the aim of developing next-generation technology always, will continue to grow together.
Hirohito Oshimori

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