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Handler Lineups
Auto device mount system
ADM-2000, Fully automated High speed device mounting system is developed for the high density multi-chip module. This system performs bonding paste dispensing on the interposer, mounting the electronics devices and off-loading the products into magazine.
This new system comply to the market requirements of High speed and High accuracy device mounting.
- High speed, High accuracy device alignment by the state of art vision technology
- Fly-Position-Control mechanism makes faster and accurate mounting
- Multi-paste dispenser shorten the dispensing time.
High-speed Package Transport System

An application of ARC-1000
MAPS-1000RE/RT is developed as the succeeding system of MAPS-200T. Selecting the options, the system can be used as Ring to Tape system or Ring to Tray system, and by connecting with
ARC-1000 this system has auto-reel change feature. The highspeed belt drive transfer mechanism guarantees high precision, durable and mist-less operation.

Auto-Reel Changer

Fully Automated tape reel changer ARC-1000 is developed to use with MAPS-1000RE or other tape off-loading system. The off-loading reels are changed automatically up to 8 reels.
Tape-and-reel test handler with an automatic reel changer
The A600 is a fully automated tape-and-reel test handler from loading devices mounted on a UV tape through unloading them into an embossed tape and is equipped with the state-of-art vision system that achieves far better alignment accuracy.
Its unloader is equipped with an automatic reel changer, contributing to a long time production run without interruptions. It can handle a wide variety of package families, such as CSP, BGA, QFN, SON, OPT, etc.

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